Hello! I'm Robert.

I use this site for my non-serious side. Here you'll find my blog and numerous mini-projects. I'm also the operator of getlocalcert.net.

By day, I'm a freelance DevSecOps Engineer who is always looking to meet great new clients.

I occasionally post on Mastodon.


Marp Action for GitHub

Instantly host markdown presentations using GitHub Pages.

Open Code

License Approval GitHub Actions

Track and approve the licenses your project uses.

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Relicensing Monitor

Track open source rug-pull risks.

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LocalStorage Music

A simple PWA music player using the browsers local storage
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A minimal white noise progressive web app.

Open Code

Weekly Chore Tracker

A simple weekly chore tracker.

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Which License

Identify common software licenses.

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Games for Toddlers

Help toddlers learn basic computer skills with simple games.

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Source code for these projects & more.


Audible Website Ping

Check Internet connectivity in your browser, with sound.

Open Code

PLU code hero

Product lookup code game

Open Code

Windows Semaphore using ctypes

A ctypes wrapper for Windows Semaphore Objects

Open Code

Health Check Dashboard

A client-side health check dashboard

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GitHub Repo Bulk Clone

A tool to bulk clone all repos in a GitHub organization