Project Listing

Projects with mild relicensing risk

Envoy - Web service proxy

Prometheus - Monitoring service

Bottlerocket - Operating system for hosting containers

Firecracker - MicroVMs for serverless computing

Airflow - Workflow automation platform

Apache HTTP Server - HTTPD web server

Apache Spark - Large-scale data processing

Apache Zookeeper - Distributed computing platform

Caddy - A web server

Cassandra - Distributed NoSQL database

CouchDB - NoSQL document database

Jellyfin - Personal media server

KeyDB - An in-memory data store

OpenSearch - A search engine

OpenTofu - Automate infrastructure as code

Relicensing Monitor - Tracking software relicensing

Tomcat - A web server

Valkey - An in-memory data store

Projects with low relicensing risk

Linux kernel - An operating system kernel

Redict - An in-memory data store