Redis is a registered trademark of Redis LTD
An in-memory data store

Redis is no longer open source.


High Risk

Redis is no longer an open source project. It is released under the following licenses:

‣   Server Side Public License, v 1   Not Open Source

‣   Redis Source Available License 2.0   Not Open Source

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Contribution Requirements

High Risk

Contributors are required to sign a license agreement which grants Redis Ltd. a copyright grant and a patent grant.

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On 20 March 2024, Redis changed from the open source BSD License to dual-licensed under the Redis Source Available License and Server Side Public License (both non-open source).


The following notable open source forks exist:

‣   Redict   Copyleft Open Source

‣   KeyDB   Permissive Open Source

‣   ValKey   Permissive Open Source

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