Terraform is a registered trademark of HashiCorp, Inc.
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Terraform is no longer open source.


High Risk

Terraform is no longer an open source project. It is released under the following licenses:

‣   Business Source License 1.1   Not Open Source

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Contribution Requirements

High Risk

Contributors are required to sign a license agreement which grants HashiCorp a copyright grant and a patent grant.

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On 10 August 2023, Terraform changed from the open source MPL 2.0 License to the Business Source License (not open source).


The following notable open source forks exist:

‣   OpenTofu   Permissive Open Source

Relicensing Monitor Badge

A badge to show the project status on other websites.

Relicensing Monitor Badge

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[![Relicensing Monitor](https://alexsci.com/relicensing-monitor/projects/terraform/index.svg)](https://alexsci.com/relicensing-monitor/projects/terraform/)